Cubs winning the World Series is great and it sucks

Any other year the Cubs winning the World Series would be great! I would be happy for them and I would lavish in their celebration. I am still happy for them. But I wish it didn’t happen this way.

I am an A’s fan through and through so the Cubs winning doesn’t affect me. There are former A’s on the Cubs and the Indians I cheered for. But the Indians were the team I wanted to win.

Since high school I adopted the Indians as my second favorite team. I always have a secondary team in all sports. I chose them because they were an American League team. They also were going through a drought and they weren’t in a major city like New York or Los Angeles. I liked the players on the team at the time so I decided to follow them.

I wasn’t a real big Indians fan but occasionally I would like to see them succeed. Over the years that fandom grew where I would actually go out of my way to see the Indians at spring training alongside my time seeing the A’s.

So when this season rolled around, I was excited for them. They were the underdogs all the way. Even against the Cubs, they were the underdog. I saw the storyline unfold and I knew it would be heartbreak for one team.

Oh how I wanted the Indians to win it all. They weren’t as stacked as the Cubs and they didn’t have as many megastars or the budget to build the super team. But they had great grit and they powered through so many injuries. They had no business getting this far but they did.

They almost had it. They had the 3-1 series lead but it was still a huge mountain to climb. I wanted them to win it all so bad.

But here we are. I am happy for the Cubs. I still feel happy that the season ended with a good finish and a good ending. But I am still bummed out. I am still hurting for the Indians. The Cubs are built for a dynasty and a chance to return to the World Series. The Indians aren’t so their window is smaller. That’s why I felt that they had to win it this year.

I hope to see the Indians maintain most of their young core, stay healthy and make it back. They deserve to end their drought. I just wish it was last night. Now we wait until next year.


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