Indians’ new idea of getting rid of Chief Wahoo caps is a horrible compromise

I get it. The Indians want to slowly separate their identity with Chief Wahoo. That logo was seen on the caps of the Indians for essentially their entire postseason run instead of an appearance of the block C cap.

But now the news has surfaced that the cap logo will not be seen as much.

Paul Hoynes of spoke to the team’s clubhouse manager.

Clubhouse manager Tony Amato said the Indians won’t have an alternative jersey until 2018 after retiring the cream jerseys last season. They will, however, retain the red caps from the cream uniforms and wear them with their blue tops at home in 2017.

So with this news, this is what we are expecting next season.

This is a horrible compromise. I know they want to separate from Wahoo and I understand their reason. But this sacrifice of aesthetics is awful. The red caps were not great caps to begin with and pairing them like this really takes away the remote of even having good color balance. The cap should have some white, but it doesn’t. It clashes so much with the jersey.

Yes, Wahoo is still on the sleeve but going this route really is awful. A bright red cap with a real dark navy jersey paired with white pants is awful. If you are going to get rid of Wahoo, at least do it right with the jersey and cap combinations.

The report states that this red cap will only be paired with the blue jersey for home games. Unless new changes have yet to be revealed, that means that Wahoo is still going to be seen for the home whites and the road games with the blue tops.

It’s not great but now the Indians will have to carry four potential caps with them for various combinations.


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