Homer Simpson goes into the Baseball Hall of Fame and humorless people are upset

Homer with some of his former teammates: Steve Sax, Wade Boggs and Ozzie Smith. (Photo: Milo Stewart, Jr.)

Today, Homer Simpson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

As a tribute to the infamous softball episode in which Homer and his team of MLB ringers defeated Shelbyville’s power plant, the Hall of Fame decided to bestow this induction honor to the legendary television dad. The episiode (“Homer at the Bat”) is considered to be one of the episodes in history. In fact, I consider it their best episode ever.

This “induction” is all about fun. It’s not a serious move but a way to have some humor and honor a television icon and the 25th anniversary of the episode.

But there are some people who don’t understand humor. Take a look at some comments regarding the induction from this post.

Troy Guthrie: Wow! Homer Simpson got inducted before Pete Rose. That’s pure disrespect…

John Straubinger I love the Hall of Fame, but this is stupid. Meanwhile, Fred McGriff, who was one of the few clean players during the PED era and who hit 493 HRs and who had a lifetime BA over 280, can’t get 20% of the vote by the amazingly stupid sports writers who vote on this stuff. Disgraceful.

Peter Hopper You just ripped the heart out of this Pete rose fan. Pete rose should be in the hall of fame and your 1991 broken rule needs to be fixed. Appeal has been sent in for over 2 years with no response see from the hall.. just sent in appeal on that rule to the commissioner.

Tina Marie James I agree with most of you…this is a prestigious award that should be set aside for the best of the best and not a fictional character. One thing I’d like to know is why the BASEBALL HOF decided to give a SOFTBALL player wall space? Shouldn’t this plaque be hung in the SOFTBALL HOF in Oklahoma?

David Baker Homer over Pete Rose
Seliq over Pete Rose
And they wonder why baseball has fallen so far
It’s a cartoon character not even real
Baseball is a joke

Brian K Brown You’re inducting a cartoon character but not the all time hits leader of your sport? I thought the Hall Of Fame went on what you did ON the field. If you add off the field things, you better look at some of your inductee’s that are in the Hall. If you let some of the Roid Boys in, then you have to open it up for others. What I thought was the most sacred Hall of them all is starting to become a joke and that’s very sad to see.

John Hillenbrand With all due respect, owners , and now cartoon characters, but players who train hard to play in the majors , and break records , like Roger Maris , and Gil Hodges, aren’t suitable for the Hall of Jokes.

John Hurley The guy has one good AB and he’s in, meanwhile Edgar Martinez still waits.

When people are too serious to have fun, we get this.

Congratulations, Homer! You deserve this!


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