Nike is off to a rough start with the new NBA jerseys

I didn’t get a chance to address this while I was on vacation but after catching up with all the news, I wanted to ad my two cents on the Nike jerseys that were revealed earlier this week.

Let’s take a look at the Warriors’ new jersey for the upcoming season. I knew that Nike wouldn’t make any major changes to the jersey but there is still a significant change to the collar. The gold has been nearly eliminated, making the collar look very plain. Additionally, the number has been moved more toward the center. Both these moves are downgrades to the overall aesthetic the Warriors used to have. The piping along the side also has changed. Instead of the shoulder loop trim going all the way, the piping interrupts it. This is a lateral move but it seems like it’s change for the sake of change.

The Warriors don’t look too different, but these changes are not necessary.

Additionally, the Rockets’ new jerseys have supposedly leaked. There is no confirmation, but if this is true, the Rockets have downgraded big time. The silver shoulder design has essentially been eliminated. What a horrible look now.

Also, can we talk about the slit on the shorts? It’s not centered, whereas it’s more towards the front of the shorts. Very bad look. You can get a much more clear look at it at the Kings’ new set.

The Kings eliminated the crown on the collar and changed the jersey piping (similar to the Warriors). It’s not a very good move in my opinion. It’s tough since the Kings just made a uniform overhaul and now they will no longer have that look. Even the shorts piping has changed.

I have yet to see all the uniforms so this is based off what we have seen. But so far, the changes Nike has made have not looked good. The Rockets look worse and the minor changes to the Kings and Warriors seem unnecessary.

Also, Nike won’t go with “home” or “road” designation for uniforms. That’s fine. But they are enlisting new names for each uniform. The white one will be called “The Association Edition” and the colored ones are the “The Icon Edition.” Additionally there will be a “Classic Edition” for some teams along with an alternate. Overall, it’s four uniforms minimum per team — some may have five. This is unnecessary.

This is a rough start for Nike in terms of aesthetics. Nothing needed to change and the changes that were made aren’t that good.