The divide of the national anthem protests in the NFL

When I took a photo of my TV yesterday and shared the above tweet on Twitter, I didn’t know it would generate so much discussion and impressions. (The tweet has gotten more activity than my last viral tweet.)

But as I read the responses to the tweet (along with seeing how many people were liking and retweeting, including some notable Twitter users like Shaun King) it showed me that the divide is still strong on this topic.

Some people felt that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful. Others believe that the fight is worth kneeling for. But as I continued to read the comments, it reflected so much to me that our country is in this state of divide. There is an uncertainty and ignorance of the issue.

I am not here to correct people in their thoughts. I can’t force an ideal onto people. I can’t even tell you what Colin Kaepernick started is the same reason why he’s unemployed.

But I do know not all cops are bad. But there are also some bad ones out there. Racism still happens along with stereotyping. It’s a real thing. How we are supposed to respond to it is entirely up to us. But we can’t ignore the reality that exists. And if one feels that kneeling is one way to share that message to the world, then I am all for it. The root of these protests is real.

The divide in discussion will continue. That’s just the way it will always be during times of protests. Two sides will always argue. But I am hoping all sides can see the reality and truth in all of it.