Indians are removing Chief Wahoo: Now what?

It was eventually going to happen and now we know when. The Cleveland Indians will remove Chief Wahoo from all of their uniform following this upcoming season. Wahoo, who has been used for decades has recently been deemed racist and there has been pressure to remove the logo.

I understand the move and I know that it had to be done. Now that the logo will have one more season, I wonder what the backlash will be now. Some may complain that they don’t want to wait a year. Some fans who love the logo will be disappointed that it will go away.

What I wonder now is what they will do to replace it. The block C logo they use now is the only other logo they have and they can’t have that be their only logo. This will be a big challenge for the Indians to find someone who can create a new tasteful alternate logo that still matches with the current identity.

We know now that any merchandise with Wahoo will be a hot sell this season before they’re shelved forever. Will the Indians wear as much of Wahoo as possible this season? The logo appears on the sleeve of all their jerseys and is featured on their caps for all home games and on the road when they wear their blue jerseys. Most of the pitchers in the starting rotation have favored wearing Wahoo for their starts.

It will be interesting to see how the Indians and fans will react this season and the transition next season.


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