The coronavirus scare and what’s next in sports

It’s crazy to think that this is a reality. It’s hard to even grasp that this coronavirus pandemic has led to this.

But then again, I haven’t been able to recall a time where something like this has happened here in America. Has a pandemic led to professional sports leagues to suspend or even cancel games?

The initial thought was that it would just be a case where games would be played without fans. But with now players contracting the virus, it is very apparent that there is no reason to play any games until we know what to do next.

And the problem is that we don’t know what is to come. This is unprecedented. But perhaps that is the reason why this is completely necessary. We don’t know what to do next, so the best thing is to take things one step at a time. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s going to be hard to see the sports world put on pause like this. But it is the only thing that can be done right now. Until we know what to do next, the best is to just wait and hold on.

I hope things get back to normal soon.