Blessed with Success: The Warriors’ great run – But at the end of the day…

I remember growing up watching the Warriors as a kid and never thinking my team would ever win a title in my lifetime. I was so accustomed to the team either never being good and if they made the playoffs, not being good enough to make any dent. To me, this was my Warriors. It wasn’t what other teams experienced. I had heartache and sadness for so long. It was all I knew and expected.

The team had the magical “We Believe” run but even at that, I knew this was going to be one shining moment in another long stretch of futility. It wasn’t until the 2013 playoffs when they took down Denver in the first round did I think maybe the team might be good enough. But that was still a pipe dream. Could my Warriors actually develop into a winning team with established superstars? Little did I know that right before me was future Hall of Famers Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green developing into greatness.

Then 2015 came and I was on Cloud 9 forever. The dream that I never dreamed because I didn’t think it was even worth dreaming happened. My team that I have cheered on since I was a kid finally became champions. This was the one thing I ever wanted and now it’s finally here! That team was so special. It was unexpected. It was great!

That was the first of five straight appearances in the Finals. My Warriors became a powerhouse and in that time, they signed Kevin Durant (wasn’t a fan of this move) and won two more titles. The two losses in the Finals hurt. Losing to the Cavs after a 73-win season was a shocker. Last night’s loss was a culmination of the team running out of gas and abled bodies. These things happen and it sucks.

But still, five straight years of Finals appearances after believing all my life that one appearance, let alone a title win, was a reality that would never happen.

Three titles in five years. That’s a great feat in itself. It’s not something to be ashamed of. The Warriors changed the landscape of the NBA forever. What a time to be alive!

It does suck that they couldn’t win one more title in the team’s final season in Oakland. The final game at Oracle Arena was a heartbreaking loss. Kind of appropriate for this franchise, don’t you say?

Who knows what next season in San Francisco’s Chase Center will be like? Maybe the Warriors still make the playoffs. But I don’t know if they will be contending for the title. But maybe they will. After all, this team has shown me that nothing is too crazy in this NBA world.

But there is nothing to be upset about. I’m still living the dream.