Warriors’ new uniforms leaked; looks better than previous set

The new Warriors uniforms have been revealed via Behance, a site dedicated to design. Via that link, it says they work for Nike as a client. Because this is not an official release, I cannot confirm if this is real. But I still would like to take time to critique it anyway as I would be very satisfied if it was real.

Even though there is no white uniform, I would assume they would still have it to pair with the blue one. I don’t care for what Nike calls them so I won’t go with names like Icon or Association or whatever.

But looking at the blue one, it isn’t too different from the previous set except for the updated logo. I am so glad that they didn’t fill in the circle to make it look like a big yellow dot. Not having it filled will obviously make the jersey look less clunky and probably makes it lighter for the players. The new font is a decent look, especially for the number so I can call this a win.

Having a gold uniform in regular rotation has been something I have wanted for so long. Now the Warriors are not only having that, but they will have their best gold uniform of all time with The City throwbacks. These throwbacks look good and they don’t have the clunky off-colored fill in that Adidas did. Great work Nike!

As for the regular alt, I didn’t like The Bay logo when it was revealed and I don’t like it now. But if this is the way to have a regular gold alt in rotation, I’ll take it.

And as we all know, The Town uniforms are staying even though the team is moving to San Francisco. A tribute to Oakland from the team perspective. But it’s clearly a way to make the Oakland fans not feel too upset about the team leaving. (They will always be.) They changed the collar and shorts trim to blue which is a nice touch I think. They’ve also made the number font match the other non-throwback jerseys.

Overall, this is better than their last set. I think the biggest adjustment is the font change. No serifs, but now a much more sleeker font. It will be reflected on the player names as well.

Overall, it’s good. I think the fact that the circle isn’t filled gives it a way better look and feel. For that, I give this my stamp of approval.