Darryl Dawkins dead at 58

RIP to the legendary Chocolate Thunder. Your thunderous dunks are still heard to this day.

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[nba-video vid=channels/tnt_overtime/2014/11/13/20141113-inside-the-nba-2.nba]
VIDEO: The Inside the NBA crew remembers Darryl Dawkins’ backboard dunks

HANG TIME BIG CITYDarryl Dawkins, the supersized NBA big man with an even larger personality, died today at the age of 58, according to the New York Daily News.

In 1975, the 6-11 Dawkins was drafted directly out of high school in the Orlando area with the fifth overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, making Dawkins the first prep-to-NBA player in history. He was athletic for a man his size, but his youth required a few years of development before he could play regularly. Dawkins broke into Philadelphia’s rotation in the 1977-78 season. As the Sixers, led by Julius “Dr. J” Erving, established themselves as contenders in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, Dawkins became a starter and established post presence.

In 1982, the Sixers traded Dawkins to the New Jersey Nets for…

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Discover: Hall of Fame Monday Edition

My blog post on the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony is featured on the MLB.com blog.

MLB.com Blogs

Craig Biggio,John Smoltz,Randy Johnson,Pedro Martinez

The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015 was inducted on Sunday, and INSANE SPORTS posted a reaction.

Another Girl with a Sports Blog shared her thoughts on the inductions and what they mean.

Fan Samuel Lam made the trek to Cooperstown and blogs about the experience over at But at the end of the day…

Chris Palmquist saw the enshrinement of some of the biggest names in baseball from his youth as a farewell to his childhood.

MLB.com’s Tracy Ringolsby writes about Craig Biggio’s Mile High opportunity in his Write ’em Cowboy blog.

Dan Hughes explores John Smoltz’s sudden 1991 transformation into a Hall of Fame pitcher at Baseball Magazine.

Boston fan Bill Zeoli hailed Pedro Martinez as the best pitcher he’s ever seen, and he’s not alone in that belief.

The Yankees might not be the first team you think of when you hear Randy Johnson’s name, but The…

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‘Straight Outta Cooperstown’ hilariously combines rap stars, baseball

This is beautiful and I am in tears.

Fish Tank - Miami Marlins

(Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Admittedly, this post has nothing to do with anything currently going on between the lines.

But, doggonit, there are some funny people on the Internets.

The latest must-see trend in the sports world on the Web? Turning rap stars into baseball players. The place to find it? A tumblr page called “Straight Outta Cooperstown.”

Now Cooperstown may be a long way from Compton, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at these seamless Photoshop renderings of rap’s biggest artists onto baseball cards.

To wit, we have Kanye Mack:

(Courtesy of ) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Slick Rickey Henderson:

(Courtesy of StraightOuttaCooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

Andre Dawson 3000:

(Courtesy of StraightOuttaCooperstown) (Courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown)

And so many, many more.

The baseballification of some of the artists’ better-known (and largely NSFW) lyrical stylings simply adds to the mystique.

The long and short of it? Get your a– to this tumblr page…

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USA’s Beatdown Of Japan Was The Highest-Rated Soccer Game In U.S. Television History

USA’s Beatdown Of Japan Was The Highest-Rated Soccer Game In U.S. Television History

This doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of factors going into this, including the fact that it was the women and that Americans are still trying to get into soccer. But hey, the chance for America to win a world championship will always draw ratings. But to what extent? Fortunately it was a very American weekend with Independence Day, I bet people were on an American high.



Sunday night’s 5-2 victory for the United States over Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final was historical for a number of reasons. For starters, the U.S. is now the only team in the world to win the tournament three times. The American women ended the 16-year drought from their last title in 1999, but besides winning, the victory produced some historical numbers when it came to television ratings.

The game, which aired on Fox, scored a 15.2/27 metered market result, the highest number ever for a soccer game on a single network in U.S. television history. According to TV by the Numbers, 20.3 million Americans age 18-49 watched the final, which is more than the average viewership for this year’s NBA Finals. The 2011 Women’s World Cup Final drew an audience of 14.1 million.

Who says Americans don’t like soccer?

UPDATE: Sounds like the final viewership number is even…

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Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

Tennessee’s sharp new alternate uniform pays tribute to the Smoky Mountains

I wouldn’t say sharp. It’s just OK.

For The Win

The University of Tennessee is switching over to Nike apparel, and the Volunteers unveiled their new uniforms for multiple sports Wednesday in a fashion show. Quarterback Josh Dobbs modeled a new Smokey Grey alternate kit for the football team, which features one of the coolest helmet designs in the nation.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.15.45 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.13.18 PM

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Rob Manfred says MLB will re-evaluate fan safety

Rob Manfred says MLB will re-evaluate fan safety

As much as I love being close to the action, this is a concern. Of course it’s rare that a shattered bat will strike someone. But MLB shouldn’t chance it. NHL extended their nets and MLB should follow.


In the wake of last Friday’s incident at Fenway Park, fan safety is naturally on the minds of a lot of people right now. Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke about the issue prior to tonight’s First-Year Player Draft and told Tim Britton of the Providence Journal that MLB will re-evaluate where they stand.

“Obviously the first and most important thing to say is we’re all concerned about the long-term well-being of the woman that was injured. That’s the most important issue,” Manfred said before Monday night’s First-Year Player Draft in Secaucus. “From Major League Baseball’s perspective, when you have an incident like this, you have to go back and re-evaluate where you are on all of your safety issues. Trust me, we will do that — just like we are on a variety of issues right now at the beginning of my tenure. It’s important not to lose sight of…

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Sammy Sosa Update: Alive With “Normal-ish” Skin Color

This is somehow the most important sports news I’ve read today.