Adidas has destroyed the 2013 NBA Draft caps by making the words illegible

So hard to read. Poor Kings.

Adidas has released the caps (most of them) for the NBA Draft. They look terrible.

I’ll give them props for not using a generic font, but instead use the team’s workdmark for all of the caps. That’s the only thing that looks good everything else is a disaster.

Looking at the above Kings design, we have some design flaws that can be avoided. First of all, it’s a snapback with the snaps being two different colors. That doesn’t look good. Whatever happened to flex fits?

Under the brim, I have no idea why they stuck with this template. It kind of reminds me of that zubaz design they were pushing in college. And the logo under the brim is OK, but it really doesn’t need to be there.

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MLB tries to avoid another PR disaster with Cleveland Indians

Which one is better?

Remember when MLB had that issue with the Braves batting practice cap? Looks like they’ve run into the same problem with the Cleveland Indians.

What was initially as a Chief Wahoo logo has now been replaced with the block “C”, and the excuse is that they simply used the wrong image for the release.

But do you buy it?

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Spurs’ Tracy McGrady to consider retirement following 2013 Finals

His career was over for several years already. He’s just riding the pine hoping to get a ring.