Knicks’ Iman Shumpert raps his own song after finding inspiration from Kendrick Lamar’s powerful verse (NSFW)

Here’s a quick briefing as to what is going on. The music is NSFW.

West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar dropped a very big bomb of a verse in a recently released single with Big Sean. His second verse was brutal in all sense of the word as he called out numerous rappers and essentially called himself the best in the business.

(Don’t understand the lyrics? Here is some help.)

That verse caused Joell Ortiz to respond with his own diss track even though he wasn’t mentioned in Lamar’s second verse.

(Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B. and Cassidy have also issued responses despite not being mentioned in the verse.)

(Didn’t catch all of that. Here are the lyrics broken down.)

Somehow, someway, that inspired New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert to put his own response to Lamar.

(Lyrics found here.)

Granted, this isn’t a diss track to Lamar rather more of an inspiration from that song. In any case, Shumpert’s version isn’t all that impressive and really isn’t memorable.

But what is memorable is the Twitter reaction to Lamar’s verse with the hashtag: #TwitpicYourReactionAfterHearingKendricksVerse


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