Did the Sharks give us a precursor of white jerseys at home in the future?

Back in 2012, the Detroit Red Wings wore white at home and I got real excited. This was the first time in almost a decade that the home team wore white for a home game. The switch the the colored jerseys a decade ago was an attempt to enhance potential merchandising sales for jerseys but numerous NHL fans have been desiring for a return of the white jerseys.

Last night, the Sharks hosted the Canucks for an exhibition game and the Sharks wore their white jerseys. A part of me was really excited to see this, but I knew I had to be cautious.

The previous home exhibition game for the Sharks came three days earlier and they wore their teal jerseys. Was this white jersey just a one-time thing? If the Sharks were going with white at home, then why did they wear teal in their last game?

Much like the past decade, the influence of the white jersey might be for merchandise sales. With the Sharks unveiling new teal and white jerseys for this season, it makes sense for them to display them to the public in any fashion possible to boost up merchandise sales. Last night’s decision to wear white may have just been influenced by that.

But maybe this will continue through the regular season. If colored jerseys were worn because of merchandising, could that be the reason why white jerseys may see some more ice time at home?

Either way, it was refreshing to see the white jerseys in San Jose. Hopefully this isn’t the last time.

I still think the new jerseys are a little plain, but it looked pretty nice on ice.


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