Oh Yeezus, did Kanye and Kim just put a curse on AT&T Park?

AT&T Park is a beautiful place for baseball. Inside and outside, it’s a very modern and very exciting place to be for a baseball game. The Giants won two titles while playing here and it’s still a very popular place to go.

But now with the news of Kanye West proposing to Kim Kardashian at the stadium, is this place cursed forever?

Obviously I am not serious about it, but now the stadium’s image is changed forever. For the non-sports fan, that’s how they will remember the stadium. For sports fans, they can’t shake off their friends talking about Kimye. Forever unclean!

Some stadiums have nice memorable non-sporting events happen there. Candlestick Park is known for being The Beatles’ final concert. That is a great legacy to have for that place and it will live on forever.

But for AT&T Park? They now have the burden of holding Kimye in their history. TMZ will find out where the proposal was made. Then obnoxious celebrity gossipers will want to take a pose on that spot. Maybe they want to propose just like them.

AT&T Park is not just a sports venue now. It’s now Kanye and Kim’s place. Why would you do this? How could you be so heartless?

(** If you didn’t catch it yet, I’m just kidding.)


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