What if Team USA did beat Canada in hockey?

Great play by Jamie Benn.

That was the only goal of the game. It was a great play. Canada is the better team.

The game was a blowout. Even though it was a 1-0 game, it was lopsided. The Canadian defense was suffocating and the Americans just had no rhythm and speed. They were not the better team.

And I am OK with that. The better team deserved to win it and they did. It was impressive all around for them.

But what if Team USA did win? What would that mean for the country? I would like to think that a gold medal win would make hockey more popular in the country. I would think that the attention would grow. But it won’t. Even a gold medal wouldn’t do that.

The country is all about football, basketball and baseball. That’s it. Hockey never gets enough love. There are people who love the sport, but not enough of it to make it work. A gold medal win would give the country a one-year high and then it’s gone. Same thing with soccer. The 1999 women’s World Cup win was a one-year high and now people only care every four years.

But I can’t complain. Any kind of interest in the sport I’ll take. Even if it’s a bandwagon once every four years. But ultimately, Canada deserved to win this not only because they were more talented, but their country actually cares. We don’t deserve it.

Besides, the United States wins at a whole lot of other things too. Hockey is just one of the things that the US doesn’t win. Close, but that’s OK. There are plenty of other things to brag about.


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