MLB honors 9/11 victims with inconsistent patches again

Last season I wrote about the 9/11 flag patches MLB has every player wear to honor the victims of the day. MLB is doing it again and it once again shows that the caps the players are wearing are not the same ones you can buy online.

Minnesota Twins just placed the flag patch over the All-Star Game patch.

Notice the flag patch here. It’s clearly just glued on over the Twins’ All-Star Game patch. Different from what the online shop is saying they are wearing. Also, the location of the patch is on the first side panel, placed in front of the ear.

Now take a look at the Indians’ flag patch. It’s glued on over two different panels and placed way behind the ear.

The Cleveland Indians’ flag patch.

The other game in Ohio showed us that even the flag patch is slapped onto the first base coach’s helmet. As for the flag on the player caps, it’s placed right above the ear.

Flag patches on caps and helmets.

It’s really interesting to see that there is no consistency in applying the flag patch. The equipment managers just place it on any spot in the area near the left side of the cap. For something so important, such as honoring those lives lost on 9/11, you’d think MLB would put some effort in it than just slapping on the patch where ever they want in the vicinity of the left side of the cap.


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