10 thoughts on Sunday’s Week 3 NFL games

Here are 10 thoughts after watching the Week 3 games from Sunday.

1– The 49ers fans loved their team so much, they decided to lose their composure at the game too. Look at this brawl. What an embarrassment for everyone involved. Is that blood?

As for the game, I am shocked at how undisciplined the 49ers were. Sure, there were a good number of penalties called against the, that I disagreed with, but the bigger issue is the team’s inability to do anything in the second half of their games this season. 52-3. You read that right. After a pretty solid start to the game, the team decided to slow down and just not get anything going. Frank Gore disappeared and I am not sure the secondary can last this season.

They’re better than the Cardinals. But somehow they just couldn’t get their act going. This is a tough spot as they host the Eagles next week. Going 1-3 could seriously jeopardize their changes of making the playoffs.

And can you believe Colin Kaepernick said that?

2– Speaking of the Eagles, I standing ovation for them. Sure, their defense isn’t great at all but the fact that they dare to play their game with the sheer will to outscore their opponent is pretty amazing. I don’t know if they can maintain this all season long, but I am thoroughly impressed by Nick Foles. He had an amazing game and even after getting blown up, still came back and finished off the win.

DeSean Jackson and Kirk Cousins surprised me. Jackson, I thought, wouldn’t be effective following a week of uncertainty with his shoulder but he still had an amazing game back in Philly. Cousins, whom I thought wasn’t a deep passer, did just that with Jackson. I really think that the insurance policy for RG3 in Cousins may have been the most baffling thing I saw in the draft a few years ago. Now it all makes sense. I wonder if Mike Shanahan would still have his job if he wasn’t forced to play RG3.

Troll em hard, DeSean.

3– I am sold on the Chargers. After what they did last week and yesterday, I think that they may be one of the toughest teams in the AFC. Without Ryan Mathews and Keenan Allen being near non-existent so far, I give it up to Antonio Gates and Eddie Royal making this passing attack so strong. Philip Rivers has a good thing going. I would imagine as the Chargers continue this play, they might challenge the Broncos for the top spot in the division.

4– I need to be sold on the Bengals. Before the season began, I didn’t even think the Bengals were a playoff worthy team. But after three weeks, I think that they might be proving me wrong. Andy Dalton is actually playing well and leading the team. The defense is stifling and I am so glad they are on my fantasy team. The creativity in their offense and the suffocation of their defense is perfect. The rest of the division doesn’t look too strong and the Bengals might just run away with the division crown.

Random note: This touchdown reception is the first touchdown catch by someone named Andy in the 21st century.

5– The Rams are in for another long year. The Cowboys are starting to find some of their groove back. Or maybe it was because they were playing the Rams. We’ll find out next week.

6– The same thought goes to the Texans and Giants. Both teams aren’t good yet the Giants showed some signs of life. Hey, Victor Cruz found the end zone! But I think that this is going to be a long season for the Giants. The offense isn’t as good and you can’t rely on Eli Manning for his consistency. It’s going to be a long week for the G-Men.

7– One team that is showing signs of no longer having it are the Patriots. barely surviving a game against the Raiders is not a good sign. The talent around Tom Brady isn’t as good as it used to be and you could see that the attack was just lacking any dynamic. Yet last year, the team was good enough to make it to the AFC Title game. The AFC is getting stronger and the Patriots appear to be behind. This isn’t a good look for Belichick and company.

8– Bad teams forced to go with their rookie quarterbacks early. Welcome to the starting role, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater. I see a lot of bumps in the road for both of you two, but the talent level is so strong that I think that these two will be fine going forward. I am excited to see what they can bring. They showed some signs of life in their relief work yesterday. This could be the start of something amazing with these young talents.

9– Johnny Manziel is not a gimmick. He is not Tim Tebow. Don’t use him as such. But the idea of using him as a decoy like this was pretty interesting, despite it being illegal.

10– The Broncos looked weak. They didn’t seem to have the answers to the Seahawks. They toughed it out, but Peyton Manning did not look comfortable at all. Emmanuel Sanders seemed to be the only consistent part of the team’s attack. And even though they forced overtime, you just knew that the Seahawks were going to make it through with Russell Wilson.

That’s right. After all the mess that has been going on in the league, a thriller like that was welcomed and you delivered it. Good job.


Not as many injuries but still some like Dennis Pitta possibly out for the year. And Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL celebrating the discount double check.

The only thing I want to note is that the Dolphins called for an “aqua-out” on Sunday. They gave away aqua shirts, painted the end zone aqua. The team then wore their all white uniforms. Well, they always wear their all white uniforms for home day games. But still, what’s the point of the “aqua-out?”


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