New Minnesota Twins home uniform has too much gold

The Twins have finally unveiled their new home uniforms. As we all heard before, the look will feature no pinstripes and a new accent of gold. I didn’t like that idea at all but I was willing to see what the new set would look like before I make any judgment.

CAP – I think the cap looks OK. The gold complements it well. This is what a good balance of gold should be.

JERSEY SCRIPT – This is where it concerns me. If we take what they did to the jersey script and that be the only gold we see on the entire jersey set, I like it. Gold is an accent color and it works well for the wordmark. So far so good.

COLLAR AND SLEEVE STRIPE – This is where it bothers me. If gold is an accent, then it should be featured as a dominant color in these design elements. Now it’s overkill of how much gold is on the jersey.

JERSEY NUMBER – It’s fine. Gold as a trim is what it is supposed to be. Similar to the front wordmark, it’s good.

NAMEPLATE – It looks bare. I am not a big fan of nameplates that don’t match the jersey number. The only exception is if the lettering of the nameplate is one solid color. Either match the number or just go solid. They failed on that end.

PANTS – Same as the collar and sleeve stripe, it’s too much gold.

Overall, the idea is good and there are some parts they executed well. But they went overkill with gold. I like the cap though but other than that, I feel this rebrand was a very lateral move. Oh and hey, there is no gold in the rest of their other uniforms. Cohesion is lost.

Click the link in the above tweet for more pictures.


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