11/11: Why my favorite number is 11

B.J. Armstrong was one of my favorite players of all time.

I can never remember when Veterans Day is. It was finally when someone told me that it is on November 11 every year. I am grateful for all those who have served and now I have something easy to help me remember it.

But also, the number 11 happens to be my favorite number of all time. Some may guess that it might have to do with Yao Ming but I picked the number before Yao ever made it to the big time.

I was a young Warriors fan at the time and I really enjoyed watching the Bulls win. When B.J. Armstrong came to the Warriors, I thought the team was going to be great since they were going to get some of the good vibes Armstrong got when he played with Michael Jordan. Since the number 10 was unavailable to Armstrong at the time when he joined the team, he went one number up.

Since then, I always liked the number 11. I’ve stuck with it and if I ever played professional sports, that would be my number.


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