Reebok’s partnership with UFC is a great move

Remember when Reebok announced that they would step away from the four major sports to focus on crossfitness? I thought at that time that they were making a smart move. They weren’t the kings of the four major sports, but could be the king in one part of sport that was essentially up for grabs.

Today’s announcement with UFC is another great move. The training that goes into mixed martial arts matches a lot of the direction and products that Reebok produces. But I think what really makes this great is that Reebok is once against tapping into a market that is relatively up for grabs.

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My thoughts on the NBA All-Star Game uniforms by Adidas

Check out the link for all the details on the new NBA All-Star Game uniforms. It is a shocker as it is quite simple, sleeve-free and features some unique designs that you may not notice.

It seems to me that with the simplicity of the Nets’ design and the history of basketball in New York, a design without a lot of glitz and glamour and all that jazz made sense. After all, New York is very big on their fashion and the last thing you want to do is represent The Big Apple with a poorly designed look.

With that said, I want to break down the warmups and the actual uniforms themselves.

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