The Super Bowl XLIX patch has nice detail but…

I like the detail in the Super Bowl patch this year. You have the stadium and some elements of the desert like the cactus. But I am starting to get real frustrated with the generic Super Bowl logos. I thought I could withstand the frustration but it’s been a few years now and I miss the days where the logo was unique every year.

Next year, I expect the logo to be gold but basically the same design.

This also indicates that the Patriots will wear their white jersey for the Super Bowl as expected. The Seahawks have also tweeted out a photo of their patch and they will wear blue.


5 thoughts on “The Super Bowl XLIX patch has nice detail but…

  1. I personally just think the look is very clean. The Super bowl kind of has a consistent look now. Next season, it’s suppose to change a bit because of Super Bowl 50 and there is only one roman numeral. I personally am a big fan of the logo, especially the Nike look and the shine it has rather than the stitched Reebok one.

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