Why am I so obsessed with the Packers-Broncos uniform matchup last night?

For years if you asked me which is my favorite uniform matchup in NFL history, I would tell you to look at Super Bowl XXXII. That game featured the Denver Broncos in their new blue jersey, white pants uniform with orange horns against the classic Green Bay Packers uniform with an updated sleeve stripe.

The reason why I love this uniform matchup is because of two factors:

1 – It was a matchup of a classic uniform versus a modern uniform design. As much as it would have been easier to choose a matchup between two classics, a part of me feels that these two uniforms capture the history of the NFL all in one game. The past and the future all in one.

2 – The colors of these two uniforms are spectacular. Both teams don’t share any of the same colors except for white, which is standard. Secondly, it’s two bold colors in green and navy balanced out with bright colors of yellow (athletic gold) and orange. When both teams are lined up, the colors jump out so well. The key to this matchup is that he Packers are in white, giving their mostly white and yellow uniform a great balance against the green grass. Perfect color balance under the bright California sun.

Since the Broncos adopted the orange jerseys as their full-time primary home uniforms, they have sparingly worn the blue jerseys. And when they have worn them, it was paired with the blue pants.

So with the NFL celebrating their 50th Super Bowl and this Super Bowl rematch on the schedule, I am so glad the Broncos decided to bring back this uniform set for one game. I am pretty sure the induction of Pat Bowlen to the ring of honor made it an easier choice to go full nostalgia.

Seeing this matchup back on the field was really refreshing. The Packers featured two yellow elements (helmet, pants) and it perfectly balanced their white jersey. The Broncos also had two matching elements (blue helmet and jersey) but the orange stripes were bright enough to give their uniform a standout color.

In my opinion, this is the best uniform matchup in NFL history. It has a little bit of everything and because it is such a rarity, that is what makes it even better. This matchup will always win. Something so good should always be appreciated.



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