Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year winners to wear jersey patch — is this a good idea?

I applaud all those who serve their communities. It is a great way to show the community that these athletes are not just football players, but they are people who have a platform to serve. That’s great.

But a jersey patch?

This just feels like a “Hey look at me and how good I am!” kind of feeling. The whole football uniform has always been about the football player or the team. Whether it’s a captain patch or an anniversary patch, it’s always been something about the team. Never have I seen a player wear a patch honoring their philanthropy off the field.

Am I wrong for thinking this? It’s great to honor those award winners, but it just feels strange that the award winner must wear a patch of achievement like some kind of boy scout. Feels like a humble-brag?

It’s not like community service isn’t part of the NFL. But I always just viewed the uniform patches as something that is reserved for things related to the team, not the individual’s accomplishments off the field.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or not?