Carli Lloyd as an NFL kicker would be fun; but it could lead to these things

If you have the talent to make an NFL roster, then I say go for it. That’s what Carli Lloyd is trying to do. After her 55-yard field goal went viral, there are talks about having Lloyd try out for an NFL team and make the roster.

I am all for it. If she has the skills to do it, then do it. But of course it won’t be that easy even if she signs with a team.

How would people react if she gets a kick blocked and ends up getting smashed by a lineman? That scenario isn’t common but it still could happen.

What about the locker room? They have to set up a separate space for her away from everyone else, right?

What if she makes the team but ends up missing kicks? Will that have an effect or deterrent for other women to pursue playing in the NFL?

All valid questions. But none of these should be the reason why she shouldn’t pursue this dream. But we cannot pretend these scenarios cannot and will not happen. Lloyd is a smart person and she can overcome any obstacle that comes her way. How she does, I’d like to see.

I hope that maybe she does latch on to a potential opportunity. If she’s good enough, she will get a fair chance. Unless owners are going the same black balling route they did with Kaepernick. Which of course could very well happen too.