Are these Mitchell & Ness caps paying homage to Back to the Future?

In the sequel to Back to the Future, Marty has to blend in with the times of 2015 and one of the most notable fashion trends was the reflective, multi-colored cap. Of course as we are in 2015 today, such a design isn’t fashionable (but available for purchase).

Mitchell & Ness may have something to say about that. Recently the company announced their new “Foil High Crown Fitted” series, featuring caps with sports team logos. The logos are designed similarly to the reflective style cap. I’m not sure if this was coincidental or intentional to match the movie, but since it’s 2015 now, I will say yes.

Take a look at the Chicago Bulls cap and see the similarity in the idea and concept.

This is quite a unique design idea, but it’s still pretty clever. Right now the most popular caps going are the reflective caps that New Era has been putting out. M&N may be going for the what if with this design.

It’s a little disappointing to know that in 2015, we still don’t have hoverboards or flying cars and double-ties are not fashionable. But if this was M&N’s attempt to give us a little bit of something we wish had arrived by now, they’ve succeeded.

Check out the images of one of the caps. I’d like to believe that this was an homage to Back to the Future. I may be reaching, but that’s OK. The year 2015 is here. Let’s start making fashionable choices accordingly.

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