National Bobblehead Day is pretty awesome

I am a bobblehead collector. I love bobbleheads. I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid when I got my first bobblehead in 2000. OK, I wasn’t a kid back then, but I sure felt like it. My favorite baseball player in a small figurine form with an enlarged head that would not stop bobbling.

I have about at least 50 bobbleheads in my collection. It’s not that big of a collection compared to others, but it’s still a good chunk of my money and time that went into collecting them. Most of the bobbleheads are baseball related and I don’t know if I will ever stop collecting them. In fact, I customize some on my free time.

Today is National Bobblehead Day and it coincides with the Kickstarter (see above) trying to get an official museum of bobbleheads constructed. What an amazing concept! For a collector like me, something like this would be amazing to see come to life.

Some of my bobbleheads that I have brought with me to Los Angeles.

The timing and the promotion of this day is pretty neat. The hashtag #NationalBobbleheadDay was trending in America for a bit today. I hope that more people share their love for bobbleheads, whether they are sports related or not. Whatever your fancy, celebrate your bobbleheads today!


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