Coldplay reportedly to perform at Super Bowl 50 and it will be disappointing

We had known for a while that this could be a possibility. Now it’s a reality. Super Bowl 50’s halftime show will be headlined by one of the most overrated, worst bands of our generation. Coldplay will take the stage in one of the greatest platforms in American music.

What a shame. The NFL couldn’t secure one of these performers?

Coldplay isn’t music that connects with the average NFL fan. Their music doesn’t get you excited. It’s slow, it’s mellow and doesn’t really bring much energy you would want to a capacity crowd at the Super Bowl.

I will honestly say that I am not a Coldplay fan. Never was. I have friends who like them. They tried to tell me how great they are. I dismissed everything they said because Coldplay does not sound good.

In fact, I can’t even name one Coldplay song.

Actually, that is not true. I actually do know one Coldplay song and I heard it in 2003 during a promo for Kurt Angle’s return to the WWE. That song was “Clocks.”

Is it a good song? It’s OK. It’s catchy. But I would rather see Kurt Angle suplexing people at halftime than Coldplay perform this song though.

Remember that one time they wrote this one song that sounded like Joe Satriani’s song? Hey, Satriani could perform instead.

I don’t know why people praise Chris Martin’s falsetto skills. It’s not that good and most surely will not sound good on this big stage. This could be the worst halftime show of all time.

Coldplay was hot 10 years ago, as people have made me to believe. But now, we’re stuck with them. Why not current hot acts like Taylor Swift? Or some local acts like Metallica, E-40 or Journey?

The connection between this stage and this artist doesn’t work. Worst of all, for the 50th Super Bowl, the NFL decided to go with boring and safe once again. The rumored supporting acts of Beyonce and Bruno Mars could make it somewhat interesting. But Coldplay’s presence alone makes this very disappointing.

I know when I’m taking my bathroom break.


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