Grizzlies’ MLK jerseys look great, but its reason for existence is awful

Take a look at that tweet. I dismissed it when it was announced and thought that it was a pretty decent looking uniform. I don’t like the sleeves, but the piping to match the Lorraine Motel railing, the colors to match the door and the wreath for Martin Luther King Jr.’s death seemed like pretty clever ways to incorporate elements of the place of his death.

(Wait, the 50th anniversary would be 2018. Grizzlies can’t do math.)

But then I started thinking about it more. Why would they make a uniform, let alone profit from merchandise sales, solely based on the place where MLK was murdered? If you want to commemorate MLK, why do it at the place he died? Wouldn’t his hometown of Atlanta be a better fit? And is it necessary to do a full uniform like this?

I was reading some comments and I was pointed to Dallas’ connection with JFK. Would the Mavericks ever do a John F. Kennedy uniform based off of his assassination? Grassy knoll green featuring pink from Jackie’s dress into the design? Of course not. The Mavericks would never do that. Yet Memphis is doing the exact same thing — commemorating and profiting the fact that MLK just so happened to be murdered in Memphis.

(Wait until you see the Wizards and the Ford’s Theatre uniforms inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s death.)

As much as I think the design is clever. The reason for its existence is not a good one at all. I want to honor Dr. King. Just not like this.


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