What a career, Ichiro!

It’s actually pretty hard for me to put into thoughts on Ichiro’s career. He’s now in the front office and likely will play a couple more games next year when the Mariners visit Japan. After that, I think it’s officially over for him.

But with today’s news, I still can’t help but reflect on all the times I saw him play live when the Mariners came to Oakland. I knew I was in the presence of greatness. This once-in-a-lifetime talent was bigger than what I could have imagined.

He had speed. He could hit. He had an arm. He had power. He had it all. And every time I saw him play I was just amazed at what he would end up doing.

So it’s hard to imagine MLB without Ichiro playing. I started getting into baseball a couple years before his MLB debut so my entire baseball life has always had Ichiro.

But as the next chapter of this baseball fairytale commences, I look back at the above photo (which I am pretty happy that I took) and remember all the cool times I got to see the Mariners come to town. Win or lose, I know I was blessed to see the best.

Congratulations! Whether it’s over now or in a couple games next year, you gave MLB a great show. See you in Cooperstown!