Riley Cooper’s racist remark is another showing of frustration revealing an athlete’s true identity

Riley Cooper got racist at a concert.

Earlier this summer, Riley Cooper was at a Kenny Chesney concert. What appears to be an act of frustration for not getting backstage passes, the above incident happened and was recorded. (And it doesn’t help the stereotype of rednecks who love country music.)

The video surfaced around today about a month since the incident and the backlash has been intense. Cooper in his anger to what was reportedly a security guard is unacceptable and saying “I will fight every n***** here” is just not right.

Since then, he’s apologized on Twitter and spoken to the media. on it. The team has also fined him.

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NFL to adopt NHL-style format for their Pro Bowl

AFC vs NFC has been eliminated.

There you have it folks. The NFL is trying to spice up the Pro Bowl and they’ve decided to copy the NHL. For those of you unfamiliar with the NHL’s All-Star Game, the two captains will get a chance to essentially draft their team like they would for their fantasy team.

The NFL’s approach will essentially allow some imagination to happen. You could see Aaron Rodgers throw a touchdown pass to A.J. Green. Aldon Smith and J.J. Watt could line up together. Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster could line up in the same backfield.

Here’s the official press release:

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49ers fans don’t like Donte Whitner expressing concern for fellow NFL player’s health

Donte Whitner wished Percy Harvin a speedy recovery on Twitter. Fans didn’t like it.

After the hilarious Twitter fiasco when Brian Wilson was supposedly a #trader for joining the Dodgers, Twitter gave us another gem.

This time it wasn’t hilarious, rather it’s a continual disturbing trend where fans don’t realize that players don’t think like them. Following news of Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin’s impending hip surgery, 49ers safety Donte Whitner offered words of encouragement on Twitter.

However, the reaction to it by some 49ers fans wasn’t pretty.

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Brian Wilson joins Dodgers, inciting fans to call him a stockbroker #trader

Going to have to get used to seeing this a lot more.

Brian Wilson has reportedly signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers and could get called up soon.

This has gotten Giants fans to react to the fact that their former closer and hero has joined the rival. Keep in mind that Wilson was coming off surgery and the Giants did not want to bring him back. Supposedly the Giants considered it this week but as a businessman, Wilson knew joining a first place team made more sense.

And of course on Twitter, this brought out the foolishness of people who could not tell the difference between “traitor” and “trader” from their vocabulary.

Here are a collection of tweets from fans on Twitter with their lack of knowledge on the word.

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Joe Pavelski’s contract extension saves my wardrobe for five more years

I’ve been a fan of Joe Pavelski since his rookie year. He was the guy I cheered for. It was easy to cheer for Patrick Marleau at the time because he was the big name, but little Joe Pavelski was my guy.

Several years ago I bought a Pavelski shirsey (shirt jersey) during a Black Friday sale. It was the black version and since then. I have been wearing to every single Sharks event that I’ve attended. This five-year contract extension means I get to have a relevant shirt for at least that time.

With the Sharks rumored to change up their home and road sets, the black thirds are expected to remain unchanged. With that knowledge, I am so glad to have a relevant shirsey. And onto the fact that Pavelski is the future of the team, I am happy with this. I am hoping that the team can still put together a winning squad and one day win the Cup.

Joe Pavelski is sticking around a while.

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This is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read and I am so glad that the A’s are doing things like this. So awesome!!!

Missed marketing opportunity for the A’s this weekend

How come I didn’t see these for sale at the Coliseum? Did I miss it?

I was at the Coliseum on Saturday for their 1969 throwback game. It was a beautiful uniform matchup and the A’s won. It was a great day at the park.

One thing that I did notice was that when i was at the team store, the cap that the A’s wore that day were not for sale. In fact, I saw no traces of the cap anywhere. The team had throwback shirts, but none of the cap.

This is a strange situation since one would assume that having the cap available on the day they wear that specific cap would be a great marketing opportunity. More merchandise sales on a cap that would have been a popular buy and the A’s don’t do it.

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Jaguars get new uniform, new logo, but still allow player to use old helmet

Using old equipment following a rebrand is not uncommon. We usually see it during the OTAs and minicamps. But by training camp, most of the old stuff are replaced and the new gear are issued.

But this tweet from today that Jeremy Mincey is using his old helmet from last year. Not sure why. Maybe the current helmet is getting some repair.

Regardless. it’s an odd sight to see the old logo and helmet float around still at training camp following the team’s major rebrand.

Albert Pujols’ latest injury is a lesson on how not to overspend

Albert Pujols is on the DL with a tear to his plantar fascia ligament in the left foot. He could be out for the remainder of the season.

At the age of 33, he still has eight years and $212 million left on his 10-year, $240-million contract.

And now in hindsight, the Angels might have to be wondering whether or not signing Pujols to that kind of a contract was a good idea.

When the Angels first signed him, I was concerned about how much the slugger had left in him. Considering that he had to adjust to a new league and he was already entering his “twilight” years as a professional, the contract was way too high.

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Ryan Swope adds onto possible trend of concussion-like symptoms leading to retirement

Ryan Swope was forced to retire early following setbacks in his recovery from a concussion suffered during OTAs.

Cardinals sixth-round pick Ryan Swope’s NFL career may be over before it ever began. The wide receiver suffered four concussions during his college years at Texas A&M and the Cardinals were well aware of the risk in drafting him.

On Thursday, they had to relay the bad news to Swope, informing him that his post-concussion symptoms were a risk to his health. Swope decided to retire from football and re-evaluate his situation a year later.

This isn’t the first time that concussions have ended a player’s career prematurely. Earlier this offseason, Running back Jahvid Best has not formally retired, but his past concussion history has prevented him from playing since a concussion in 2011.

Then Vikings cornerback Asher Allen also decided to hang up his cleats early due to his concussion history.

It’s a trend now that is starting to become the norm in the NFL.

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